Friday, November 13, 2009

Lindsay lohan sex. Pictures.

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Lindsay Lohan's Bathsheba of modern times? Like Ive said in the entertainment category. Bathsheba was a beautiful and attractive woman of the Bible (old) times. He wore no clothes, she was naked in the bathtub. Although she was married to Uriah, King David was obsessed with young women Bathsheba, he harassed her and had an adulterous relationship (sex) with her. She is so seductive! Bathsheba was probably in his teens, but do not know. Now, fast forward to modern times (Century 21), many male fans are obsessed with Lindsay Lohan in particular the most fans and have fantasies about meeting and making love with her. She is beautiful, is seductive and rich. Now thousands of fans wanted to harass her. How Bathsheba and Lindsay Lohan in comparison with others? King David was rich, but has no vices of adultery, murder, drunkenness and lying. It is also envy. David and Bathsheba are also famous then. Now, it's Lindsay Lohan's Bathsheba of modern times?
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